Before making membership inquiries please read the membership requirements following:

1. Must be at least 18 years of age male or female.

2. Must be 100% White.

3. Must be a Christian.

4. Must have a GED or High School Diploma or be attending classes to obtain it.

5. Never committed a crime against the White working class or any sex offense.

6. Must not use illegal drugs or controlled substances.

7. Must be gainfully employed or attending school. If unemployed must be ACTIVELY seeking work.

8. Must be a resident in the United States.

9. Must be willing to accept responsibility for duties assigned to you by the T.W.K. officers.

10. Must be willing to meet new people interested in joining the T.W.K.

11. Must be willing to spread the Racial message to our lost brothers and sisters in your local area.

12. We do not accept Alcoholics, drug addicts, persons of poor character, thieves, drama queens, and sexual deviants need not to apply, for you will be found and weeded out immediately.

Download application below

T.W.K. Application (docx)