Taking Back Texas!

It has been too long that Tyrants have controlled Texas. The Texas League of the South, is working all across Texas to take back our streets, our churches, our schools and our homeland. White Texans are now the a minority to the Mexican invasion. The Federal Government has betrayed our people, they wish to replace us of our culture and heritage. Because of massive illegal immigration that is flooding Texas, it is destroying our peoples security and way of life.

The Texas League of the South, has had enough of the attacks on heritage and culture. We have had enough of the Communist and Rinos in Austin. We have drawn the line in the sand once more for Texans to unite under a banner that protects our Liberty and Freedom.

By helping the Texas League of the South you are resisting the system that wishes to destroy our People. Joining the League of the South could be one of the most important moments in your life that you could ever do. We stand for Liberty and Freedom, and building a New White Homeland for our children.

By Joining the League of the South, we want to get active in your communities, your streets, and help spread our message to our people. Talk to your friends, your family, and co-workers. Reach out in your church. The League of the South is movement that is reaching out to millions of people around the world to our cause. 

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