Our History and About Us

 The White Knights of Texas is one of the oldest Klan’s in America. Since our beginning in 1978, we started out as one of the largest White Power organizations in Northeast Texas. We continue to carry out our Oath. The same Oath that we swore before the Almighty Father and Creator to fight the Satanic forces that wish to destroy our Race, our Faith and our Nation.

Today we are now in fact one of the few oldest Klan’s that are still active in the whole country. We take pride in our history especially Texas Klan history. 

The goal of the White Knights of Texas is to unite White Christians through the bond of brotherhood and make them aware of the problems facing our country. We educate them on how and when to take action (in a non-violent way). The White Knights of Texas is a patriotic, fraternal, law abiding organization. We are working to uphold the Christian values this country was founded on. We protect these values from those who seek to remove them from our society. Our ideology is simple, self-preservation and the advancement of the White Christian America. 

We hope that you will take time to read through the wealth of information on this site and take time to decide if membership is right for you. We are an active organization striving to protect and preserve White heritage and culture long into the future. If you are in Texas and want to play an active part in the preservation of the White race, then contact us today. 

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