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Message from the Grand Dragon

As the Grand Dragon of this proud organization, I am proud that we are finally starting to see our membership growing again. In 2018 with straight activism and reaching out to like-minded organizations across the country, we are now bringing together like-minded Folk.


In September of 2018, the White Knights of Texas teamed up with the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the Shieldwall Network to put on a successful event call the ArkLaTex White Unity Conference. With Klansmen, Nationalist and Patriots coming together for a day of unity.

For this new year of 2019, the White Knights of Texas will now start recruiting new membership all across Texas. We are excited to see our new leadership and new Texas Klan office and Church. With so much work to be done and seeing our organization growing, we look forward to seeing new members this new year. 

If you are interested in being part of an active organization here in Texas, then fill out an application today. 

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Donate to the Klan

The White Knights of Texas understands that certain individuals cannot afford to become active members in the Klan. Because of that we have started a W.K.T. Financial Supporter group for people that can support our organization and help the Texas Klan financially to continue our mission.  You can make a donation anywhere from $20.00 or more. 

All donations are Confidential, and your Privacy is our number one issue. You can only Donate by Mail at P.O. Box 97, DeKalb TX, 75559. NOTE: We only accept Money Orders & Checks. Please make them out to D.S.

Thank you for your Support, God Bless and White Power!

W.K.T. Grand Dragon


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